Friday, June 24, 2005

Radio play, more on the way, good thrift store day

The official release date for "Moments of Wonder" is still a few days away, and it is already getting airplay all over the country (including Hawaii). It's very exciting to get this kind of reaction from folk radio before we have even begun any promotional efforts. Thanks very much to all of you who are playing it and showing us the LOVE!

Went to my favorite thrift store yesterday to find a good gig bag that would house my pedal board, cables and all the various items that I carry to the stage with me at shows - I have gone through lots of different arrangements and still am not happy with what I've been using. I found the PERFECT bag yesterday, for only 4.99. God, I love that. Not to mention, I told Bob the other night that I really needed an 8X8 or 9X9 square baking pan (you know, for brownies) and what did I find at the dang thrift store? Yup. I also picked out about 6 paperbooks that I actually want to read...and just as I was finishing shopping, they announced that everything sporting a yellow price tag was 1/2 off! All of my books and the baking pan were marked with yellow tags, so I got out of there for under 10.00.

I am stunned by how much space I allotted to the thrift store adventure, and I greatly admire anyone who has made it this far in this post. I think I should find a picture of some sort to reward your tenacity.

Okay - here's your "reward". A picture of me, Bob, and Gary at my CD Release party - I was leaving for Kerrville the very next morning and so Gary the Gnome, a Camp Singkerrnicity icon who travels around the country between festivals, living in the homes of various Singkerrnicity-ites, was along for the party and anxiously looking forward to the Texas trip. (Look how anxious he is!):

and I can't resist one more, also from the CD release party:

Bob Mater (husband, producer, drummer), Dan Schaefer (songwriter, pal, guest vocalist), Kathy, Jim Savarino ("Sing My Memory" co-writer)

until next time! -Kathy

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