Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy 4th of July weekend - AND girls, girls girls!

It has been a weekend of fabulously talented women...last night I was part of a benefit for the Magdalen House at the Bluesboro in Murfreesboro, TN. The Magdalen House offers refuge and rehabilitation to women who have resorted to prostitution and/or dependence on drugs as a lifestyle - those who are willing to change their lives are given that opportunity...housing, counseling, etc...just a great cause. The bill last night was Treva Blomquist, Annie Mosher, Cheley Tackett, Cathey Stamps, Lisa Durand and me...great fun! A huge, steaming pile of talent.

Tonight was a reminder of where it all comes from - old friends, Nancy and Mike Morris, were in town from CT with their two daughters, Mandy and Melodie...Jim and Toni Ferguson hosted a dinner party on their beautiful new screened porch (that Jim built) - I felt like I was back in France - one delicious course after another, plenty of wine, and joyous exuberance all around. The evening was capped off by performances by all the kids - we had a house FULL of professional musicians, but tonight the kids were the focus. Melodie Morris is a gifted cellist - her sister, Mandy, is a singer on par with Mom, Nancy. Laura and Larry Winslow's daughter, whose name escapes me (!sorry!) played an extraordinary piano piece that she had written, called "Flicker", fulll of flying-fingered arpeggios and whacky dissonant chords - she's 10 years old and is already writing songs that could easily be orchestrated and arranged for...I dunno, string quartets, or any ensemble, really. Lily Ferguson is a virtuoso violinist, and joined all of the above, along with her Mom and one young woman I didn't meet, on a string arrangement of "Benjamin", a James Taylor song that sounded only vaguely familiar, but incredibly beautiful. GO GIRLS! It was just lovely to see this roomful of young women (10-15 years old) playing their hearts out and getting support, not only from their elders, but from each other. I wish I had my camera. Instead, here's a picture of a sweet group of young girls that I wrote songs with last year in Colorado...

We are continuing to see VERY encouraging support from Folk radio on "Moments of Wonder" - DJs, please keep playing it, and listeners, please request songs from the album on your local folk show!

love, kathy

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