Tuesday, June 07, 2005

from Colorado...

I made it to Steamboat Springs where I am teaching songwriting to kids at Perry-Mansfield...one of my favorite things to do all year. I have a couple days of classes under my belt and so far there are two songs happening, one called "Tossing and Turning", the other called "Grizzly River". The latter involves 3 characters: Little Creek, a native american boy, and his two pals Peek-a-Bear, an adult female bear, and her baby, Honey Cub. Too cute.

It was snowing like crazy when I drove over the Continental Divide on Saturday morning. It felt just like winter. I have never seen it do that out here in June, but apparently it is possible. Continued rainy and cold all that day and night, but otherwise has been pleasantly cool and sunny - more what I expect out here this time of year.

The new CD should be going out to radio right about now - I left Kari Estrin back in Nashville with a huge mountain of CDs to send out this week while I'm away. Hopefully, you'll be hearing your favorites on your local folk radio station very soon. Be sure to call and request it!

I'm enjoying seeing friends that I have worked with out here for the past seven years...there's always a lot of catching up to do with this motley crew of artsy, vagabond, life-loving folks. Looking forward to getting out into the mountains either on horseback or on foot sometime in the next couple days. If I get any good pics, I'll post them.


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