Monday, July 11, 2005

Peter McCann at French QuarterFriday, May 14, 2004 4:27:03 PM

This was already a kinda different feeling night. Stephen Taylor was in town from Austin, so I booked a round for me, him, and David Llewellyn at French Quarter (Barbara Cloyd's show) ... we found out later that Joyce, Susan and Deanna Walker were playing the round after us, so I stayed and this guy Peter McCann played after them. He wrote "The Right Time of the Night" (jennifer Warnes sp?) and he spawned all these really cool song ideas as he talked to us - most notably "love and travel, travel and love are what I know" and I left all jazzed up about this guy inspiring a song about aging songwriters who had their hits 20-30 years ago.

I got in my car to leave, turned on XM radio (it was ALREADY on the 70's station, and the song that was playing was... THE RIGHT TIME OF THE NIGHT.

This same night, Mal Pope and Barbara Fleishhaker were in town and came out to hear me and David - David had known Mal 20 years ago in Wales and when I met Mal at Gum Tree he at first thought he didn't know David, but eventually realized that he did...and was planning to come to Nashville on Thurs, but came a night early to see David (and brought Barbara : )

The night before at Wilhagans, it was Kerrville night - I already knew that Stephen Taylor was going to be there, but David Lamotte was also in town...also in attendance, Kerrville-wise:
Joyce Woodson
David Llewellyn
Jim Stephens
Laurie McClain
Kevin Faherty

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