Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Just the facts, Jack...photojournaling

I just found the following quote in a book that I am reading ("The Origin" by Irving Stone, a biographical novel about Charles Darwin) "It is not encumbent upon thee to complete the work, but neither art thou free to desist from it altogether." It is a Hebraic saying and I have no idea of its original context, but it followed perfectly from my last entry "Celebrating the Half-Assed Effort", so I was happy to have discovered it.

I have started thinking in blog entries since I started journaling this way...if I was a newspaper columnist, I would have a deadline and probably follow through on all the ideas I have for fun and fascinating blog entries...I know I should write more often, but I feel some pressure to be INTERESTING or ENLIGHTENING in some way. I probably ought to give that up and just stay in touch, no? So let's embark now on a strictly documentary and utilitarian kind of update.

The largest project of the moment is my involvement with the River Bluff Acoustic Music Festival in Ashland City, which is coming up this weekend (Oct. 8). I am coordinating the Performing Songwriter Competition, and, so far, have selected 10 finalists, secured judges, confirmed sponsors and prizes and such...it's an exciting event and this whole week is dedicated to the tying up of loose ends and basic logistical stuff. Check out the festival website, and if you're in the Nashville area, I highly recommend it - great music all day long... River Bluff Acoustic Music Festival

Meanwhile, I am busy with all things art, music and children...teaching tie-dye workshops, refinishing a wrought-iron table and chairs, doing a photo shoot for a friend who needed head shots for an upcoming audition, writing songs with several 2nd and 3rd grade classes in Williamson County, playing gigs both far and near (see my performance calendar, plotting upcoming adventures, and plenty of other stuff that I will probably save for another post.

I am also investigating the best way to publish photo journals online - I take A LOT of pictures and I enjoy documenting even the most mundane things...they somehow take on a glory and an importance when they are captured and described in detail...for instance, the refinishing of the wrought iron furniture...I hope to have the entire story online soon, punctuated by photographs and meticulous (tedious?) details of my learning process, how my tools and techniques evolved as I invented my own methods...how thrilling it will be for you! It will be impossible for you to remain unchanged in the face of your newfound knowledge about soy stripper and the 5-in-1 tool...here's a sneak peak of what awaits you:

NOW you're on the edge of your seat...



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